Mauritian Life in 12 Questions: The Kids Speak

May 2022 In this blog post, we decided to explore the children’s views on our lives in Mauritius by asking them a series of questions. As you will read, their responses are deep and insightful and will definitely let you know that life on a far away tropical island is, well, completely normal and uninspiring.Continue reading “Mauritian Life in 12 Questions: The Kids Speak”

2021: Gratitude, Purpose, and Peace

November 2021 By Emily November 26th was the last day of school for the 2021 academic year. This year consisted of 8 weeks of in-person learning, 14 weeks of online learning, and 14 weeks of hybrid learning. Class schedules changed five times throughout the year, meaning that (with a family of five) we juggled atContinue reading “2021: Gratitude, Purpose, and Peace”

Going Away and Coming Together

October 2021 By Aaron At the end of each year, Lighthouse students go on a multi-day camping trip. The excursion is both eagerly anticipated and somewhat angst-inspiring for students. Students buzz with excitement at the prospect of a change of scenery and a break from academics. Some enthusiastically discuss the possibilities while others quietly worryContinue reading “Going Away and Coming Together”

Back to School…In More Ways Than One

August 21, 2021 By Emily The first day of school is always hectic and little anxiety provoking. But the first day back to school on a hybrid schedule after being in confinement and doing online schooling for the majority of the school year was all of that and more. Making sure we had the rightContinue reading “Back to School…In More Ways Than One”